Kage Innovation: snow plow products at SIMA 2015

Tradeshow Syd with CustomersKage Innovation Exhibits Snow Removal Products at the 18th annual SIMA Convention

Kage Innovation designs and manufactures snow removal equipment for the snow and ice industry. Our products include snow attachments for skid steers, wheel loaders, tractors and backhoe loaders. We also manufacture longer lasting poly rotor paddles for single stage snowblowers, and a snow stake system that makes your curb staking quicker and less expensive. All of these products will be on display at the sima tradeshow.

Kage Innovation’s Snow Plow Box System: See our Advantage over snow pushers at SIMA Symposium

Kage Plow and Box System for Skid SteersSIMA Symposium – Learn about new innovations for the snow removal industry


SIMA is a great way to learn of all of the new methods and products that are available to the Snow & Ice Management Industry. If you are a contractor that is already in the Snow Management Industry, a contractor that is considering entering into the Snow Management Industry, or a Property Manager that wants more information about the services that you are hiring Snow Contractors for, SIMA is a great event to attend. Professionals from the U.S.A, Canada and abroad come to SIMA every year to educate themselves and their peers, renew memberships, and gain traction in the Snow and Ice industry. Kage Innovation will be showing the revolutionary Kage System (a.k.a Snow Pusher, Box Plow, Snow Blade) all in one tool at the 2015 SIMA Convention.

Kage 2 Wheel Sulky VS. 1 Wheel Sulky – The Wheel Kaddy Advantage

Kage Two Wheeled SulkyThe two wheel sulky is more comfortable and durable compared to the one wheel trailer sulky. The one wheel trailer sulky has many disadvantages compared to the two wheeled sulkies out there. The Kage Wheel Kaddy combines the two wheeled design with new improvements that are sure to set it apart from the other sulkies in the commercial lawn care equipment market today.

Smooth Ride Sulky – Walk Behind Mower

Ride Behind Mower Sulky - The Kage Wheel KaddyCommercial maintenance companies utilize walk-behind mowers as one of the fundamental ingredients to their equipment arsenal. Walk-behind lawnmowers are only as good as the Sulky that they are towing. So many trailer Sulkies in today’s market miss the mark when it comes to offering a durable, long lasting, and comfortable product. The Kage Sulky provides extreme longevity, and comfort all in one. By providing suspension, larger tires, and long lasting pivots and bearings, the Wheel Kaddy Sulky is the best value in the trailer sulky market today.