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Kage Snow Tire Kits are the ultimate traction solution for the skid steer in winter. The Kage Klawz Wheel Kits provide the machine the grip it needs to push, turn, and stop when you need it most. Usually you rent skid steers and leave the regular dirt tires on for your winter snow removal needs, right? You are probably thinking why would I rent skid steers, and then put my own tires on them just to wear those out when I am paying for the use of the tires it comes with?? You have to consider these three items when making your decision:

Snow Removal With Tractors VS. Wheel Loaders

homepagescroll-4When you have the choice to make – tractors or wheel loaders – which one should I use in my application? You have to consider all kinds of unique features that each one has to offer, and match those features with the requirements of the job site. You may also have to consider what other type of work requirements you may have, such as summer-time earth-moving work. In this article, we will discuss the features that set the agricultural tractor apart from the wheel loader, and how it can give you an advantage in many areas of your snow removal operation. Kage Innovation designs and manufactures snow plow pusher systems that can attach directly to the front of many common agricultural tractors creating one efficient and cost-effective tool.