Snow Plow For Tractor

KAGE Interview with Snow Removal Contractor – Green & Black, LLC – Part One – Getting the Business in the Black

So, I’m Nate with Green & Black. We’ve been in the snow removal business for seven years. We service Dakota County which is just south of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Primarily started doing residential snow removal then got more into commercial snow removal the further along we went.

Snow Pushers VS. KAGE System

Snow Pushers made by Arctic Sectional, Pro-Tech, Daniels, Avalanche, Scoop Dogg, SnowWolf and others are common in the snow removal industry. KAGE Innovation has introduced the SnowKAGE System, a two in one tool that combines angle plowing, and snow pushing into one fast and seamless operation. Go back and forth from angle plowing to snow pushing