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Flex Steel Cutting Edge Assembly

The AdvantEdge™ is the new flex steel cutting edge assembly for snow plows and snow pushers of all sizes. This new sectional cutting edge technology will revolutionize the industry because you can retrofit almost any snow plow or pusher out there. Upgrade your old plows and pushers with the latest technology in flex steel cutting edges, without the need to invest in a whole new plow!

Snow Plow OR Pusher Cutting Edges

The AdvantEdge™ was designed to provide a universal option for contractors needing to use sectional edges in their parking lot or street snow removal operations. There are several sectional snow plows and pushers available on the market today, however they require you to purchase the entire plow or pusher. The AdvantEdge™ can be used on almost any snow plow or pusher on the market.

Snow Pushers

The AdvantEdge™ can be mounted on snow pushers, snowplows, and municipal plows alike! Standard snow pushers are usually equipped with a rubber cutting edge that doesn’t have the ability to scrape snow and ice cleanly. The steel AdvantEdge can easily replace the rubber cutting edge, and you will retain the squeegee effect that the rubber had!

With the AdvantEdge™, those common errors will be eliminated by having this flexible steel cutting edge. The video above, gives you a “behind-the-scenes” look at the making of the AdvantEdge™ along with testing it out and making the proper adjustments.

What Are The Features & Benefits?

There are many features and benefits of using the AdvantEdge™ flex steel cutting edge technology. Click here to see what others are saying about the AdvantEdge™.

Longer Lasting Cutting Edge

The independent cutting edge sections of the AdvantEdge™ help the blade to contour to the shape of any surface. Each 18″ or 24″ cutting edge section is milled from the proprietary Hardox of wear-plate, lasting up to 4 times longer than regular steel. The edge is instantly contouring to every surface, and adjusting so that the plow is not grinding away on peaks, and wearing the center or edges faster than the rest.

Patent pending design gives you the flexibility to adjust the pressure on each section. Whatever the weight of the plow, you can obtain just the right amount of pre-load. The AdvantEdge™ reduces the damage to curbs, asphalt/concrete transitions all while scraping better! Until now, sectional plows and cutting edges have only been available on a few brands of plows. The AdvantEdge™makes it possible to harness sectional cutting edge technology on almost any plow or pusher available on the market today!

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