Are you looking to find new customers? Let KAGE® help. Join the KAGE team and watch you sales increase

Have you every thought about the attachments you sell actually driving your equipment sales. Well that’s what the KAGE product line does. Our plow system drives competing brands customers to your store where you we give you an increased opportunity to convert. We call it,” Attachment Driven Equipment Sales.” And, it works.Plowing Parking Lots with a Skid Steer

Innovator, Manufacturer & Distributor

If you’re not already familiar with KAGE® snow removal equipment products, we’re the leading innovator, manufacturer of commercial snow plows and snow removal equipment. Celebrating over 10 years of manufacturing. You can find KAGE snow plow partners located in a greater majority of the US and Canada with over 135 selling locations.

Top Commercial Snow Removal Equipment Manufacturer

Snow PusherKAGE and its partners in the US and Canada, have achieved double digit increases over the last few years and everyone involved expects this year will be not different. This year, KAGE and its partners have once again budgeted to surpass last year’s AWESOME goal. As of today, KAGE Dealers have already committed  to 59% of those units, leaving room for new Dealer opportunities in target markets like Ohio, Indiana, Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado, Canada and many more. Once these opportunities are filled they are gone, we will not be adding multiple Partners in these regions.

Snow Removal Equipment Manufacturer

All of our products are built to hold up to the severe demands of commercial snow removal and then some. Built for the abuse not just the use! Get one-on-one training with our expert sales staff. Our support will continue long after the delivery of inventory. Product knowledge is your best leverage. Your sales team is an extension of our Team and we want to equip them for success.

What sets KAGE apart

We see you as a partner, and we will cease to exist if we lose sight of our commitment to our Dealer success. This is why we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our product. and working relationship with our snow plow retail partners.

KAGE® is the only 2-in-1 patented snow management product on the market in the US and Canada.

Your customers, our snow removal equipment end-user’s share – KAGE® systems provides them the opportunity to be 30%-50% more efficient, safer, and profitable. These are their word not ours! Our current Partners tell us that KAGE is the only attachment in its segment that retains its value and therefore allows them to sell the product line at higher than average margins. Our 8 core values guide our company’s staff and ensures our dealer partners get the best possible experience from joining with KAGE to exude; Perseverance, Truthfulness, Willingness, Competitive, Bravery, Loyalty, Humbleness and Cleanliness. It is these values that keep us moving forward and continually benefit the success of our partners.

  • 2-year-structural-warranty2-Year Product Warranty on all KAGE products. We stand behind our warranties and will do everything to ensure your customer is satisfied.
  • Experience Driven Innovation.” We built this business on award-winning product design and manufacturing based on actual experience in the field.
  • Our comprehensive inventory systems and planned manufacturing allows for quick turnarounds on partner orders.

The Mark of a KAGE Snow Plow Dealer

KAGE Authorized Partners promote our brand because they believe in our products and believe in giving their customers the best equipment for snow removal. They also share in our core values.

Join the KAGE TEAM

If you’re wondering how to become a snow plow partner for our company, let us start by first saying thank you for considering KAGE Innovation. Please visit our dealer partner inquiry page or call (651) 433-4628 today and talk with one of our dealer team members. KAGE® Snow Plow System “Over Built By Design”