KAGE® Innovation and Bobcat® Company are proud to announce a new partnership to further promote the patented 2-in-1 snow-plow-box system that KAGE Innovation is so well known for. After careful consideration, Bobcat Company and KAGE Innovation agree that the best way to successfully launch this exciting partnership is through a dual-branding approach. KAGE will continue to manufacture its popular SnowFire™ plow system, as well as a special dual-branded version of that, which will be available throughout the Bobcat dealer network.

This partnership serves as the first of its kind for KAGE Innovation of Osceola, WI. “It has been a long journey to get here,” says Greg Donovan, Sales and Marketing Manager of the family owned KAGE Innovation. Donovan noted, that the journey is more than just the present partnership with the Bobcat Company. It is a twelve plus year journey of our founder and innovator Mike Stephan and wife Kristin. “It has been a journey mapped out by innovating and building a product that makes the lives of everyday contractors, easier, safer and more profitable.”

Bobcat Company noticed the strong need for this type of attachment inside their snow programs. Searching for the right addition, Bobcat approached KAGE and asked if they would consider a
partnership to source and manufacture a Bobcat attachment in the likes of KAGE’s most popular system; the SnowFire™ for skid-steers. “The question has been posed to us many times before, from other major companies” says Mike Stephan, President, “… but the timing, people, and relationship felt right with the Bobcat Company.”

KAGE is already one of the most popular snow removal attachment systems for equipment in the market, with plow systems ranging from six feet to fourteen feet. Offering extensive carrier versatility through set-ups to attach to most prime movers; KAGE offers applications for skid-steers, compact wheel-loaders, wheel-loaders, telehandlers, and tractors.

This new co-branded version of KAGE Innovation’s 2-in-1 system, will be available in limited quantities at Bobcat dealerships starting November 2019. Bobcat customers should start requesting this product by name “Snow Pusher Pro.”

“This is an exciting time for KAGE Innovation and everyone involved,” says Donovan, “not only will the co-branded product help solidify KAGE Innovation as a dominant manufacturer in the snowplow industry, but the opportunities this presents has been a dream of our ownership for many years.” KAGE Innovation has been a company whose purpose, passion and cause has revolved around, “Creating Opportunities.”

Opportunities are exactly what this partnership is creating. Opportunities that reach beyond selling more plows. Donovan explains, “with this partnership, KAGE Innovation has been able to offer more jobs in our community. Our current dealer network will see an increase in visibility and confidence of our product helping them to gain more customers. KAGE Innovation’s suppliers gear up with larger orders and in-turn get to offer more jobs in their communities, and most of all, KAGE Innovation’s end-users have better access to the products and parts they need to be more efficient and profitable.

Consumers will still be able to access all KAGE products over a large dealer network as KAGE Innovation continues to grow and develop new dealers throughout the country and internationally. Products including the SnowFire™, SnowStorm™, LiquidRage™, KageKlawz™ and the AdvantEdge™. Donovan says, “customers will not be disappointed when looking for KAGE product lines at their current dealers. End-users can still go to any one of our current or future non-Bobcat dealers and find every product we brand. However, current KAGE + Bobcat dealers will soon be transitioning to the co-branded product ‘Snow Pusher Pro’.”

The Snow Pusher Pro available through Bobcat Company will be limited to the fixed yoke design for Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Track Loaders. “Our goal is to continue to provide KAGE Innovation customers with all other KAGE products like the popular LBK (for Compact Wheel Loaders), and SnowStorm (for Mid-Sized Loaders and Tractors) at Bobcat®, John Deere®, Case®, CAT®, or other dealerships alike” says Donovan. “These products are just the beginning for KAGE Innovation” reciting our motto of Experience Driven Innovation, “you should see all of the innovative projects in R&D, even as we speak!”