Back dragging is key to any residential snow removal operation.  When working with townhomes and multi unit complexes, it is imperative that snow is removed quickly. This allows you to get more contracts per snow event creating more revenue.  Make your job easier with a Skid Steer Snow Pusher that allows you to back drag, then push snow where you need it quickly.

Why use a KAGE system when back dragging?

At KAGE, we believe that Skid Steers with a Blade and Pusher Box are the best way to clear driveways quickly.  Skid Steers make it easier with their agility and maneuverability.  Snow can be back dragged away from the doors with the Blade and pushed anywhere alongside the driveway.  This allows operators to stack snow closer to the front of drives which creates a safer view when backing out.  Skid Steers can also turn sharper and push snow to areas where trucks simply cannot access.  The Blade and Pusher Box by KAGE can transform from a heavy duty Skid Steer Blade to a Pusher using a Cam Lock system that connects in 3 seconds without leaving the cab so you can push snow that cannot be stacked to a safe storage area.

What is a Back Drag Kit?

A back drag kit is a polyurethane catch that holds dribbles from leaking when back dragging with a blade.  This polyurethane allows it to be flexible so you can still properly clear curbs. On a KAGE system, the back drag kit is mounted onto the trip edge and does not interfere with any standard plow operation.  This means you can still go from back dragging and clearing with a Blade, to pushing with a pusher in seconds without leaving the cab.

How can a Poly Cutting Edge help?

Back Dragging frequently occurs in residential snow removal where more delicate substrates are common.  This can include seal coated asphalt, pavers, cobblestone, etc. The Poly Cutting edge is 1.5” thick and glides easily over these substrates without damaging them.  In addition to being easier on the intended substrate, poly slides over grass causing less damage and clean up during the spring.  Adding a poly cutting edge to your Skid Steer pusher is a no brainer in all residential snow removal applications.