KAGE Wheel Kaddy for Lawn Maintenance Companies

One of the fundamental ingredients to lawn maintenance companies equipment is a walk behind mower. To make this piece of equipment even better and more efficient, add the KAGE Wheel Kaddy sulky. The KAGE walk behind mower sulky provides comfort and longevity – more than any other sulky in today’s market. The KAGE Wheel Kaddy has better suspension, larger tires, and long lasting pivots to make it the best value trailer sulky today!

The walk behind mower remains far superior in many ways. The most important difference is standing versus sitting. Sit for 8 to 9 hours for 4, 5 or even 6 days a week during the busy times of the year and your back will be shot. The ill effects of sitting on such equipment in a work environment where your neck and spine take repeated jolts can stick with you well into your later years.

The Difference

Most walk behind mower sulkys use bushings at all the pivot points; some even use plastic bushings instead of bronze or other material! The wear and tear on these quickly becomes evident and they become loose as they are used. Replacement bushings are expensive and require special equipment to install. Check out what others are saying about the Wheel Kaddy here.


Bigger Tires:

Larger tires make all the difference when it comes to going over uneven terrain. Other walk behind mower sulkys use smaller tires that can fall into dips and crevasses in the ground more easily. This causes the operator to bounce around and potentially fall off the platform and may cause side aches and fatigue.

Long-Lasting Pivots:

KAGE Wheel Kaddy’s pivots are durable and have high-wear universal joint caps as bearings. Mow faster for longer!


Ever feel like its a rough ride with ‘the other guy’s’ walk behind mower sulky? The Wheel Kaddy’s suspension is unlike any other and gives the operator a much smoother ride over rough ground. Say “goodbye” to those side aches and constant bouncing! The suspension reduces the amount of bouncing by the operator making the job easier on the platform and on the ground.



To learn more about the KAGE Wheel Kaddy, click here and buy online here.

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