The Best New Snow Shovel?

What the best new snow shovel will DO is the real question. So many shovels on the market today, and you’re telling me there’s another one!? Well, KAGE Innovation isn’t afraid to innovate or improve 100+ year old technology if it’s simply inadequate. Innovations, large or small, are what we do. It doesn’t matter what, as long as there is benefit to you, the Commercial Contractor! The SnowBlaze will revolutionize the way that commercial contractors and home-owners alike are able to remove mass quantities of snow. This is the best snow shovel for sidewalks, driveways, and other areas that require detail where heavy equipment is not practical.

The Problem That Other Snow Shovels Have

Well, lets face it. Snow shovels all have one thing in common. They need someone to use them! Well, that’s not what we are here to change. However, we have something that can make shoveling easier, a little more rewarding for those that take pride in their work, and make the end results better. Most snow shovels on the market today have three major defects:

  • Plastic cutting edges don’t stay sharp
  • D Handled shovels can’t windrow snow easily (plow to one side)
  • Current designs are not very versatile. D Handled snow shovels can scoop and back-drag, but they are difficult to use as a pusher. Pusher shovels are good at pushing, but don’t make it easy to back-drag of scoop.

Plastic Cutting Edges Don’t Stay Sharp. Steel Cutting Edges Without Reinforcement Will Bend.

Many shovels on the market today are lacking a sharp, straight edge to create a clean surface on the first pass. If the first pass does not result in a clean surface, the operator may need to repeat the pass, or apply ice melting product to clean the surface completely. We like to say it almost “hurts our pride” to shovel a sidewalk, but because you don’t have a sharp edge there is snow left behind!


Shovel Plowing / Windrowing – #1 For The Industry!

Snow removal, especially done by hand, takes effort and can be strenuous on the body. Some commercial applications require hours and hours of scooping snow by hand in order to maintain miles of walkways. Other applications such as clearing snow from your personal driveway can seem extremely daunting because you have to push or carry the snow to the end.The SnowBlaze shovel has a ‘flip stick’ that allows you to brace the shovel at just the right angle to WINDROW. A first for the industry!


The Best Snow Shovel Can Plow, Push, Scoop, and Back-drag all in one

Pushing a pile of snow forward is not always the easiest. At times the person operating the shovel will want to direct the snow in a lateral motion, in essence ‘plowing’ the snow to one side in order to move it off of the surface to be cleared.

At times the operator will need to lift the snow at the end of a push in order to completely remove the pile from the surface to be cleared.

Another element to the snow shoveling task is often to back-drag or pull snow away from large structures. Doorways, garage doors, and stairways are some examples of structures that require the operator of a shovel to pull the snow away, rather than to push in order to clean up to said structures.


For more features and benefits about the SnowBlaze Cutting Edge Snow Shovel click here. The SnowBlaze will be available for purchase on Amazon.

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