The Best Plow on the Market!

The Kage makes quick work out of any town home driveways. How long would clearing a town home driveway take with a truck or any other machine? Turn your compact tractor or skid steer into a winter profit machine. It’s up to you; how fast do you want to go?

Plowing Efficiently With A Snow Pusher – Why Kage Takes The Upper Hand

Over the last several months, we have gone over the many different unique features of the Kage system. Proving how they work and how they are beneficial to the contractor and end user. There are still a few advantages left that we have to go over but those will be in the weeks coming, every Friday. Here is what we have gone over so far…

Kage Advantage #13 Brackets

With both the SnowFire and SnowStorm models, the SnowKage is attached and detached from the blade in three seconds without leaving the cab. For SnowFire this is accomplished through the cam lock brackets. Once the black bar stock is rotated into the blue cam lock the SnowKage will not come off until the rotation process is repeated. For SnowStorm, the SnowKage is secured with hydraulic clamps. The clamps are activated by the third valve function of the loader or by the auxiliary hydraulics on a tractor. For wheel loaders, Kage’s electric diverter valve with toggle mounted in the cab directs the fluid to activate the Kage clamps or to activate the power angling of the blade.