Stop Damaging Your Cutting Edge – Kage Has Curb Guards for Your Snow Plow! Kage Advantage #15

At Kage we know that most contractors run their Kage blades along many miles of concrete curbs during each snow event. Over time, this can cause wear on the edge of the base angle and even the trip edge pivot point. This can cause an operator to not get the full scraping ability that they need to get the snow and ice clear off of the pavement. It could also cause potential down time if you were to end up damaging the blade to the extreme; and no one wants down time.

Connect Under Pressure Couplers – Kage Advantage #14

At Kage, we try to anticipate every problem the contractor might encounter and then correct the problem. One such problem is hydraulic pressure that sometimes gets locked up in the implement after it is uncoupled from the machine. When this happens it is very difficult to

Getting Your Snow Removal Gear Ready

In the last several weeks, Kage has had customers sending in pictures of their plows on their machines and trailers, getting them touched up, ordering some new wear items like cutting edges or poly skids. If you have not called in to place an order or gone to our online store, do it now, the snow is coming!

Kage Testimonial

My thoughts on the snow removal industry as a whole is somewhat of an exciting one. Many landscapers across the country engage in conversation via social media groups and forums. Throughout the growing season we discuss strategies, weather patterns

Poly Skids Kage Advantage #9

Skids made from polyurethane are ideal for all types of snow plowing. A benefit of these vs a steel option is that they are durable and lightweight. Unlike some steel skids, there is no danger of them scraping the ground surface and leaving marks from paint or rust. Poly skids can be used on even or uneven surfaces. On average, poly skids last 2-3 seasons. They are the perfect choice for running