Picking The Secret Lock To Success: Managing Without Skid Steer Plows

Skid Steer Snow Plow Kage Innovation

Adam and his team are a fictional snow plowing company, but many of the experiences, problems, snow plow solutions, and, yes, headaches are real. Who knows, if you read between the lines, you might get a glimpse of how the KAGE® skid steer plow system was born!

Angle Plow Skid Steer For Heavy Duty Applications

Skid Steer Snow Angle Plow System - Blade Attack Angle
This story is fundamentally true, and happened to us when we just started snow plowing with skid steers. The following story resulted because we had the local fab shop make some skid steer snow plows for us from some brand new ‘pickup truck’ V blades. Being that there weren’t any good solutions for heavy duty skid steer plows yet, this was the next best thing.