Installing Your New Snow Plow Back Drag Kit

In the professional snow removal business, contractors are always looking to gain an edge. The question that we usually ask ourselves is, “What new innovative product is going to make that contractor’s job a little easier, a little faster or both? Today, I’m going to talk about the latest product from KAGE Innovation – The NEW Back Drag Kit. Not only will you see what it can do to improve your snow plow’s performance, but also how easy it is to install.

Snow Plow Or Snow Pusher

The Perfect Plow – The KAGE® snow plow and pusher system combines the snow pusher capabilities to move large amounts of snow with the versatility of the snow plow for skid steers, wheel loaders, and tractors into one easy to use attachment.

Snow Plow Moldboard

The Advantage of a Well-built Snow Plow Moldboard

For many generations, snow plow moldboards were designed in a similar way – a curved piece of steel with thin ribbing for support at the back of the plow. Enter the 21st century, snow plow crews are now using heavy equipment like skid steers, tractors, wheel loaders and more to take on the larger more demanding snow sites.

Back Drag Snow Plow – NEW KAGE Product Sneak Peek for 2018!

If you’ve ever taken on a snow removal contract in a housing development that requires you to back drag snow from 100+ driveways, we’re sure you know how much time gets wasted having to pull up to the garage door just to back drag the remaining thin strip of snow left behind. Well, we have the solution to that problem ¬– the KAGE Back Catch Kit!
The Back Catch Kit is scheduled to arrive shortly after the new year