Snow Plow Pusher

Snow Plow Pusher for Snow RemovalIf you’re tired of standard snow plow pushers that leave far too much snow on the pavement, it may be time to learn about the patented KAGE® SNOW PLOW SYSTEM. This snow removal system is truly in a class by itself compared to the competition. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary snow plow and pusher that will increase productivity and save a tone time. Especiallyduring powerful winter storms.

Commercial Snow Removal Equipment

Commercial Snow Removal EquipmentWhile some industries experience all types of innovation, other industries remain remarkably unchanged for years, or even decades. The snow removal industry is an example of an industry that has survived on antiquated technology for far too long. At KAGE Innovation, one of our missions is to constantly look at the snow removal industry and find ways that we can improve the efficiency of snow removal equipment for our growing number of customers.

SnowFire Snow Plow Safety Enhancements

Say Goodbye to Slipping and Sliding off of Your Plow

Hey It’s Mike with KAGE Innovation! Today we’re going to talk about one more of those little nitpicky enhancements that we do to our products. Focusing on the SnowFire blade today, this enhancement that we’re going to talk about is all about the safety of the user. It has to do with climbing in and out of your machine, which you know none of us like to do.

Snow Plow Products Manufacturer

Hey all you Snow Fighters out there! It’s a beautiful Saturday morning after our routine workout and my wife and I decided we wanted to take you on a quick tour of our snow plow manufacturing facility. Since it’s a Saturday, the shop won’t be as busy as it is during the week, but you’ll get to see some of the latest advancements KAGE has made since the turn of the year and not having some of the chaos like you’d see during the week will be good for this little tour.

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