New Release: KAGE GreatER Bar Skid Steer Grader Bar & Land Plane

GreatER Bar Skid Steer Lane Plane Grader Ripper

Skid Steer Attachments such as buckets and grading bars a.k.a. land planes are commonly used to loosen, remove and replace ground.  This makes the surface more suitable for drainage, sports, landscape features, and turfgrass preparation.  The ALL NEW KAGE GreatER Bar makes it easier than ever to grade by using a patent pending Mechanical Quick Rip Bar that no longer requires hydraulics or manually lowering ripper teeth.

Moving Snow Piles with a KAGE Blade and Tractor

Tractor pusher plow snow

Why haul snow when you can blow it? In many circumstances, snow is piled high, but piles have space behind them.  In a high snow year, when piles were not pushed back far enough, there is no better equipment than a KAGE SnowStorm™ Plow, Tractor and Snowblower to move the tough piles!