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Moving Snow Piles with a KAGE Blade and Tractor

Tractor pusher plow snow

Why haul snow when you can blow it? In many circumstances, snow is piled high, but piles have space behind them.  In a high snow year, when piles were not pushed back far enough, there is no better equipment than a KAGE SnowStorm™ Plow, Tractor and Snowblower to move the tough piles!

Choose the right size Plow and Box for your Skid Steer

Choose the right Size Plow for Skid Steer

Whether you have a Skid Steer, Compact Loader, Tractor or Front End Loader, the right size plow is key for efficiency and safety.  When plowing Townhomes, Residential, Shopping Centers, Industrial complexes, City Streets, or even Airports, time savings and reduced liability are the name of the game when plowing!

Upgrade to a Skid Steer to sell a premium service

Upgrade to a Skid Steer to sell a premium service

Snow Plows have been on trucks since the steam powered vehicle days.  Much like any other industry, things have evolved and innovation has taken place.  In the 1990’s Skid Steers started to take off and become a great multi use tool that has changed the grounds maintenance and landscaping industries.  With the ability to turn in place, move, stack, and provide true downforce, the skid steer quickly became the right tool for the job.  Out of this innovation, KAGE was born to help you make snow removal easy and provide a premium service for your clients!

Skidsteer plow operator tip: Triple Passes Start in Center

Bobcat Skid Steer Pusher Box Plow

We commonly get asked… what is the best way to back drag townhomes? The truth comes down to 2 key components. Equipment and Operating Procedure.  When back dragging the common townhome driveway the Skid Steer, paired with a 2 in 1 Plow and Pusher system is the fastest way to plow.  Once you have the right equipment, operator training is key.  On a straight driveway where 3 passes is common, it is imperative to remember to clear the center first, then move to the edges.  This will minimize dribble and ensure you only need to make 3 passes