Improving Upon the Walk Behind Mower Sulky Attachment

Improving Upon the Walk Behind Mower Sulky AttachmentThe walk-behind lawnmower has long been the lawn professionals’ choice, but with the introduction of the ZTR and the stand on mowers, landscape contractors and property managers have quickly moved away from the walk-behind. Well, who can blame them … no one wants to walk when they can ride.
We agree, but before you give up on the walk-behind so fast take a look at why we believe the it’s still better than the ZTR or stand on mower.

Wheel Kaddy – Walk Behind Lawn mower Sulky

The first question any reputable, educated, disciplined landscape contractor or property manager would ask one of our sales reps is, “Why should I buy a walk-behind mower, much less a sulky like the Wheel Kaddy?” Fair enough.

I would respond, “How much does the health and well-being of your lawn crew matter to you? If I can deliver a product that allows your operators to not only ride rather than walk, but ride comfortably for 8-10 hours a day, is this a product you would consider investing in?”

Kage 2 Wheel Sulky VS. 1 Wheel Sulky – The Wheel Kaddy Advantage

Kage Two Wheeled SulkyThe two wheel sulky is more comfortable and durable compared to the one wheel trailer sulky. The one wheel trailer sulky has many disadvantages compared to the two wheeled sulkies out there. The Kage Wheel Kaddy combines the two wheeled design with new improvements that are sure to set it apart from the other sulkies in the commercial lawn care equipment market today.

Smooth Ride Sulky – Walk Behind Mower

Ride Behind Mower Sulky - The Kage Wheel KaddyCommercial maintenance companies utilize walk-behind mowers as one of the fundamental ingredients to their equipment arsenal. Walk-behind lawnmowers are only as good as the Sulky that they are towing. So many trailer Sulkies in today’s market miss the mark when it comes to offering a durable, long lasting, and comfortable product. The Kage Sulky provides extreme longevity, and comfort all in one. By providing suspension, larger tires, and long lasting pivots and bearings, the Wheel Kaddy Sulky is the best value in the trailer sulky market today.