Contractors and staff members from SANCO Equipment and Owatonna Groundsmasters, Inc. share with us their thoughts when comparing KAGE® products with other snow removal brands. Listen to what each snow removal operator has to say.

“Any person that I’ve put a KAGE plow on their machine, they compared it to other equipment and they come back every time and say, ‘Wow! This has saved me so much time, I’m keeping it!’ And usually they buy another one.”

-Marc Levine, Sales Specialist, SANCO Equipment


“When we first started using them, guys were actually kind of fighting over to see who got to use them.”

-Jake Busho, Owatonna Groundsmasters, Inc.


“You put it next to any other brand and it’s almost too easy to sell.”

-Andy McKinney, Sales Specialist, SANCO Equipment


“The KAGE is overbuilt and simple engineered. I truly believe it’s the best product out there.”

-Graham Johnson, General Manager, SANCO Equipment


At KAGE Innovation, we don’t just settle for the industry standards, we have made it our goal to revolutionize the way snow plowing and pushing is completed. We put our clients first and make sure our equipment permits long lasting function, appearance, low maintenance, and durable construction.

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