Snow Plow Skid Steer Clear Curbs

Windrow away from curbs with a Snow Plow Blade and move piles by switching to the 2 in 1 Containment Pusher Box

With a KAGE system, you can remove your containment box in seconds and switch to windrowing. KAGE has an angling snow blade so you can angle as much as 36 degrees.  This allows you to move faster and clear snow quicker! When operating at a faster speed, you don’t need to worry about hard hits to curbs due to the standard Crossover Relief Valve.  This valve moves fluid internally within the Plow Blade’s hydraulic valves and cylinders. This means less impact on your Skid Steer, Tractor, or Loader’s hydraulic system and your operator.  To protect your equipment further, we also suggest utilizing the KAGE Curb Guard  to maximize your cutting edge life.

What is a KAGE Curb Guard Kit for a Snow Plow Blade?

A curb guard kit is a thick piece of steel that allows you to scrape your cutting edge against a curb without wearing down the trip edge itself.  The steel curb guard attaches to the back of your plow blade cutting edge. When the blade is angled the steel guard is sliding along the curb.  This allows your cutting edge to clean the curb without being pressed hard into the curb itself.  The KAGE Curb Guard is also designed so that you can swap the guards from side to side once worn to give you 2x the life!

Why is a Trip Edge important on a snow plow when clearing curbs?

Having a Trip Edge vs a Moldboard trip on your plow allows you to contain snow better under trip conditions.  When moving quickly, it is easy to cause a trip especially when working around curbs.  The Trip edge will not cause you to love all snow you have contained within your angled plow blade.  You may need to clean up some dribble, but will not spend added time pushing around a pile of snow spread out by a Moldboard Trip.