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The GreatER Bar’s Quick Rip Tooth Bar offers

easy grading and ground ripping without


Grading Bars and Land Planes are commonly used to make ground more suitable for drainage, sports, landscape features and turfgrass preparation. Grading Bars are the fastest and easiest way to cut high spots down and fill small depressions. Many Graders also include a row of ripper (scarifier) teeth. In the past they have been lowered manually by the operator climbing outside the cab, or hydraulically.

The KAGE GreatER Bar makes it easy for the operator and removes the potential of hydraulic failure or problems by using a mechanically activated Quick Rip Bar. Operators will also benefit from teeth that retract automatically when moving backwards and bucket hooks that allow the operator to carry a bucket from job to job. Key mechanical pieces are built from HARDOX™ steel which provides longer wear life and more durability. This GreatER Bar and Quick Rip Bar are overbuilt by design to give you the most return on your investment.

Mechanically Activated Grader / Ripper Bar

GreatER Bar Skid Steer Grader

Graders are key to leveling ground. The GreatER Bar makes it

easierby allowing the operator to switch between a Land Plane and a

GroundRipper without hydraulics and without leaving the cab.

Mechanically activated Quick Rip Bar – Easily activate the Mechanical Ripper Bar without leaving the cab.  Operators no longer need to hook up hydraulics or get out of the cab to manually lower scarifier teeth.
Spring loaded Ripper Bar with automatic reverse retracting teeth – The spring loaded ripper bar will retract automatically when moving in reverse and return to digging when moving forward.  There is not longer a need to continually utilize hydraulics or take time to manually raise scarifier teeth.
HARDOX™ latching mechanism – HARDOX steel lasts longer than standard high carbon steel giving you longer life on wear items.
Adjustable Foot to optimize ease of latching mechanism – The adjustable foot allows the operator to choose the amount of force needed to activate the latch.  This allows each operator to be able to customize latching to their preference or adjust to different machines.
Replaceable Bolt-On Cutting Edge – We make it Easy to replace cutting edges by utilizing a replaceable bolt on edge that is beveled on both sides for better grading.
Heavy duty corner gussets – To say the GreatER Bar is Overbuilt by Design… is an understatement.  We use gussets in many places to create a reliable product that will take the abuse without giving up.
Large safety step – The large safety step makes it easy to get in and out of the machine safely.
Bucket Holding Klaw – Many times when grading, operators switch from Grader to Bucket frequently.  The GreatER Bar allows operators to carry both to a jobsite together.
Quick Rip Teeth – Rip Ground easily to break up hard pack, pot holes, etc.  Then grade. We make it easy with an all in 1 grader system.
1/2 inch attachment plate top bar – The KAGE Innovation reinforced heavy duty attachment plate makes gives operators the confidence that they can do their job without breaking an attachment plate.  This is part of our Overbuilt by Design philosophy.

The GreatER Bar comes in 2 Ground Breaking sizes

KAGE Grading Bar

Model / Option # Description
GBT72 GreatER Bar w/ Quick Rip 72″
GBT84 GreatER Bar w/ Quick Rip 84″
GB72 GreatER Bar 72″
GB84 GreatER Bar 84″



The GreatER Bar offers 2.5″ of adjustment to Ripper Bar height



Product Weight


Model Weight
GB72 822 lbs
GB84 922 lbs
GBT72 932 lbs
GBT84 1032 lbs

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Structural warranty

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee