Innovative skidsteer snow plow attachments

If your company provides snow removal services for residential or commercial properties, you likely have tried all sorts of snow plow systems both attached to your trucks as well as to heavy equipment like a skidsteer. If you still haven’t found that perfect tool to quickly and efficiently clear and stack snow on any property that you own or manage, it’s time to look into the SNOWFIRE Skidsteer Snow Plow from KAGE Innovation.

Innovative Skid Steer Snow Plow System

Our SNOWFIRE Skidsteer Snow Plow system is a patented all in one solution that gives you and your team the advantages of both a snow plow and a pusher box. The KAGE system allows you to switch between the snow plow and pusher box in seconds, without ever leaving the cab of your skidsteer. This way you can make light work of the most complex of snow removal projects. It’s our estimate that our patented KAGE system can reduce plowing times by as much as 25-50%.

Snow Scraping Down To Asphalt

How often have you been scraping snow only to find out that you haven’t scraped down to asphalt and have instead left a small layer of snow that could quickly turn to ice if left? With the KAGE Box both the trip edge mechanism and the cutting edge both work together seamlessly so you’re always scraping down to asphalt or concrete in one pass.

Snow Stacking Using a Skid Steer

The KAGE Box is ideal for snow cleanup where you have large amounts of material that needs to be moved and stacked quickly. Combining the versatility of our KAGE system with a skid steer, you’ll be able to easily maneuver large amounts of snow wherever you’d like. Stack snow much higher than with a standard bucket or pusher because you’ll have additional reach and you won’t have to use your skidsteer bucket to ‘dump’ the snow.

Snowplow Angle Function

One of the trickiest aspects of snow removal is handling curves without losing what you’re pushing. Thanks to the angle function of our skidsteer snow plow, you’ll be able to easily maneuver snow loads around curves.

2 Year Structural Warranty

At KAGE Innovation, we’re so confident in the quality of our SNOWFIRE Skidsteer Snow Plows that we offer a full 2 year structural warranty. We’re constantly improving our products to ensure that they’re able to stand up to the harsh conditions that are commonplace in the snow removal industry. To learn more about any of our products, give us a call at 844-314-KAGE (5243) or send an email to