KAGE’s SNOWFIRE Skid Steer Plow system caught on nationally in 2009 because of its ability to withstand the job of commercial snow plowing. The SNOWFIRE Snow Plow and Pusher System is for skid steers and is more efficient than the traditional truck plow. It takes the advantages of a snow plow and a snow pusher, doubling the value and workload. Operators can angle plow, back drag, and push the snow piles wherever they need to go.

This week’s Quick Hits with Mike Stephan highlights the fun facts of the KAGE SNOWFIRE System.


The KAGE® Snowfire system oscillates which means that it can follow contours in the pavement and uneven surfaces even while the plow is fully angled.


The moldboard is beefy; it is definitely not your truck welded onto a skid steer hitch plow. This plow is designed after a highway truck plow with a heavy duty skid steer on it.


We use compression springs and a trip edge, so when you hit an obstacle you won’t lose your entire load.

Snowfire Snow Plow System

The KAGE® advantage with this snow removal product is the 2-in-1 system allowing contractors and operators to back drag the plow normally and then grab the SNOWKAGE box to continue pushing out the snow piles, all without leaving the cab. Another advantage is that it reduces plowing times by 25-50%.

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