Want to know the secret of the design of our snow stake system? This week’s Quick Hits with Mike Stephan highlights the benefits of the unique design of the KAGE SNOW STAKE System.


KAGE® Innovation developed a snow plow marking stake system that gives you the flexibility you need for snow plowing. The unique design allows you to push snow right over them and reduces the chances of kinking.


With the SNOW STAKE system, operators don’t have to be so concerned about where they’re stacking snow. They can push the pile of snow right over the stake, pull back, and it will pop right back into place.


The SNOW STAKE System is about half the price of fiberglass and can be reused over and over again. If they do get kinked, you try trim the end off and reuse it the next season.

Snow Stake Kits for Snow Removal


The full length slit of the snow stakes is what allows them to twist as they bend. This slit is what gives it the amazing flexibility and durability that a snow stake needs.


The KAGE® advantage with this product is that we offer a system to install the stakes. This kit includes a pounder to make the hole for the stake and a quiver to carry over 100 stakes at a time.

KAGE developed the SNOW STAKE System to address the issues of current conventional snow stakes. KAGE is always looking for the better way and to provide snow fighters with the best products possible.

To check out our SNOW STAKE Quick Hits video, click here for our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybaB77CpWjw

Call Kage Innovation today or visit our website for more information about SNOW STAKES: https://www.kageinnovation.com/snow-plow-marking-stakes-kit/

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