The Kage System is the ultimate snow removal attachment for skid steers, wheel loaders, and tractors. It combines the best of both worlds. It combines the simplicity and durability of the time-proven angle plow, with the efficiency of the high-volume-moving snow pusher.DSC04356 The Kage Snow Pusher system enables many companies to outperform the old method of trucks and V-plows or snow pushers by twice the efficiency, or half the time.

Now, using the Kage Snow Pusher, an operator can angle plow and back drag normally with the Kage plow, then grab the Snow Kage box in seconds, and with it attached to the Kage Plow creating the ultimate pusher, push massive amounts of snow. Combined with trusted durability, and quality American made components, this new plow and pusher system is truly the best commercial snow removal equipment available.

In the next several weeks, we will go into great detail to describe and demonstrate each feature. Here are just a few of the features we will cover!


The full length Tri-Formed Box construction gives it the most torque resistance and rigidity. It encloses the back of the moldboard eliminates torque and strain that can otherwise fatigue the entire structure. Here at Kage we like to think of the blade as a bulldozer blade meant for snow removal!

Angling Ability:

The Kage snow pusher angles just as a snow plow would. Using the same technology as straight blade angle plows, the snow pusher angles left and right 35 degrees. This allows you to maneuver the snow as you push it around corners, and helps contain spillage.

Scraping Ability:

The Kage snow pusher scrapes the plowing surface cleanly utilizing down pressure from the machine directed straight down to the cutting edge of the plow. The box sides are not interfering with the scraping action because the Kage box simply floats along to contain the snow on the sides.

Trip Edge:

The Kage system utilizes a safety trip edge common to many straight blade snowplows. This feature allows you to plow without worrying about hidden obstacles. Even obstacles 8 inches tall you clear with ease, no damage to the obstacle, operator, or machine.


The Kage System oscillates freely 10 inches. This feature allows the plow system to follow uneven plowing surfaces. Proper oscillation allows the pusher to follow humps and dips in the pavement, even while the plow is angled, and down pressure is applied. Kage uses a unique oscillation system that keeps the hydraulic angle cylinders on the same plane, spreading out the force evenly.


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