Toughest Moldboard in the Industry

Have you ever come across a pile of snow or ice so dense that you were concerned with your plows moldboard ability of knocking out the huge pile? Well worry no more! With Kage’s moldboard, you will be able to conquer the toughest, heaviest and wettest snow piles around.

The Kage Moldboard has a plow structure like no other in its class. The full length Tri-Formed Box construction gives it the most torque resistance and rigidity. Designs like this have been used in the highway plows for years. For example, bulldozers have a similar design, and if we know anything about bulldozers, it’s that they can move massive amounts of material!

Kage built each moldboard as if it has to go into battle. The Tri-Formed Box that encloses the back of the moldboard eliminates torque and strain that can otherwise fatigue the entire structure. Here at Kage we like to think of the blade as a bulldozer blade meant for snow removal!

Kage takes skid steer plowing seriously. Even the moldboard sheet itself is no run-of-the-mill mild steel. No this is 10ga GRADE 50, which among other things has a higher tensile strength, meaning it is harder to dent and tear, prolonging the life of the finish and plow itself. With every 3 inches there is a tough stich weld. We don’t like the look of rust streaks or deteriorating pockets of corrosion, and we guess you don’t either, so we eliminate all of that through a proprietary method of applying seam sealer to all un-welded joints prior to the finish getting baked on.

On top of that, we finish it with a beautiful baked on powder coat and primer at 400+ degrees safeguards all of the steel components, and keeps the Blade looking great for years and covers all of the seams where there are not stich welds. This substantially increases the life of the entire finish and overall long lasting quality appearance. Not to mention our two-tone powder process that gives you the striking Kage Blue and black combination, signifying Lasting Kage Quality.