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The Importance of Poly Skids vs Steel Skid Shoes


Skids made from polyurethane are ideal for all types of snow plowing. A benefit of these vs a steel option is that they are durable and lightweight. Unlike some steel skids, there is no danger of them scraping the ground surface and leaving marks from paint or rust. Poly skids can be used on even or uneven surfaces. On average, poly skids last 2-3 seasons. They are the perfect choice for running along curbs as well; especially when the neighbors are trying to sleep!

Contrary to a standard snow pusher, the SnowKage does not rest on its skids. Instead, most of the weight of the SnowKage rests on the blade which is transferred to the cutting edge. This means that the SnowKage is constantly scraping the pavement clean. Standard pushers ride on steel skids. This means that the pusher is not scraping. Instead, it is leaving a crust that has to be scraped up with a different piece of equipment or it has to be melted with salt. The steel skids of the standard pusher are gouging into the pavement and it is very difficult for the operator to get the pusher level.


Don’t Damage the Pavement, Sidewalks, or Curbs


With the SnowKage the skids are polyurethane. They are just barely gliding along the surface, causing no damage and allowing aggressive scraping of the pavement. There are no issues leveling the SnowKage. The extra height of the skid and the angle of the leading edge prompts the box to pop up when encountering a curb rather than bending the side panel. Also, the poly skid allows you to run the box right along the curb virtually squeegeeing the snow and slush away.





Self-Adjusting Snow Plow Skids

Here is yet another Kage ATD. On the SnowFire series the poly skids self-adjust. As the steel cutting edge wears down the SnowKage skids need to be adjusted to match the height of the cutting edge. Once again Mike came through so that the operator doesn’t have to get out of the machine and fiddle with the equipment. Four of the bolts are slotted while the front bolt is the un-slotted pivot point.




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