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Do you ever get the feeling that you are not as prepared as everyone else and instead of pulling the trigger on a good decision, you find yourself reacting afterwards? You don’t have to do that with Kage! Through the rest of the week Kage has a Summer Financing Option which will spur you on; not to be reactive but proactive and prepare for the upcoming season. The last thing that you want to do is spend time fixing your snow removal equipment.

You can trust that Kage Innovation is ‘clearing’ your way from hassles with your plowing equipment. Purchase Kage Snow Removal Equipment for your skid steer, wheel loader, or tractor and spend less time fixing obvious design flaws common to so many other brands of snow removal attachments. Kage Innovations’ two in one tool combines the trustworthy rigidity of snow pushers with the versatility of an angle plow.

We all know that in Minnesota and all over the United States, the weather in the winter months is unpredictable and does not like to cooperate, so why should you have to settle for your dinged up, damaged and unproductive machines? Act now for the best results!

Many contractors have found that by using snow pushers on equipment such as skid steers, wheel loaders, and ag tractors yields a good result due to the increased productivity by moving mass quantities of snow. One of the most effective features with the Kage System that common snow pushers do not have is the ability to oscillate or follow the contours of the parking lot. Making the end result even less desirable. The Kage System has full oscillation with the full blade even when the plow is angled. The ultimate snow-fighter weapon is something durable and trustworthy like the snow pusher, but with the ability to windrow, back drag, scrape and stack– all in one tool.