How We Ship Our Products

Here at Kage we do lots of shipping. Both directly to end users and also to our dealers. (Check out our dealer map) The last thing we would want is for your brand new 2-in-1 snowplow Kage system to be delivered with any dents or scratches on it, or even dirt for that matter! We take great pride in shipping you a spotless product, and this is how we do it:


We ship our products such as the SnowStorm and SnowFire systems in large crates. This is to protect the plow from the sun and rain so you get a fresh product out the box every time. We also crate the snow plows so we can stack our units so that our dealers can handle their inventory better, and able to stack them three tall. We are in the middle of our shipping season now so our dealers should either have product on the ground or will be receiving it very soon! The reason we ship out the product in July is so that you have an opportunity to start kicking around some units and understand what the Kage System is all about so please take advantage of our direct shipping method or contact your local dealer to pick one up! As you know, the summer will be winding down here soon and you can never be too prepared in the snow removal industry.

Wrapping and washing

All of our SnowStorm and SnowFire models come pre-washed, shiny and clean. They are shrink-wrapped in a heavy duty poly wrap keeping any dirt and moisture off of the product because we know you expect and want the best looking product as soon as it arrives!

Strapping and Securing

Of course no one wants their snow removal equipment being jolted and tossed around inside of a crate! This is why we safely and securely protect all of the edges and corners of the system as well as tightly secure the system to the inside of the crate so no matter where your Kage System is being shipped to, you know it will get there safely.

Logo Finish

Lastly, the crate would arrive either directly to your door, or to a dealer all crated up, wrapped in our signature Kage Logo Tyvek wrap.

For our end users this is all great because they come, what we like to call, “plug-in and play ready”!