Buddy Strap



Snow Shovel Strap for Carrying and Lifting (shovel sold separately)

The Buddy Strap is what’s been missing from snow shovels this whole time. The original strap that easily attaches to any ‘D’ handled snow shovel is simple, durable, and can save time, physical strain, and money. Geared for the contractor doing hundreds of sidewalks a night, or for the homeowner just sick of the back strain that shoveling snow causes.

Reduce Back Strain

The Buddy Strap provides a handle that is placed in an location that allows you to lift and fling the snow without having to bend your back past 90 degrees. Normal shovels require you to grab the handle down low, and this creates enormous back strain, especially over time. This is the feature that turns snow shoveling into FUN, rather than a chore!

Hands Free Carrying

Are you looking for a way to sling your snow shovel over your back? Well this is how the Buddy Strap was invented. Doing hundreds of townhome sidewalks every snow event requires the use of snow blowers, as well as shovels to clear next to the doors. You need both hands to push the blower from house to house. Now you can quickly and painlessly sling the shovel over you head while maneuvering your snow blower from house to house.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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