Advantages Of A Plow

The advantage of plow over just a pusher is that a plow can cut into the deep ice and frozen snow to make sure and operator is always getting his maximum scraping ability. Why would one even bother plowing if you were not scraping off the snow and ice down to the pavement? With a plow, you can do just that. A plow allows the operator to windrow and control which side he or she is plowing the snow to; while a pusher is mainly used for containing and stacking the snow. Examine how the roads are cleared in your city, for instance. The local municipality uses fixed or reversible plows to push the snow to one side of the road at high speeds. The snow pusher would be useless in this situation. However, if there is no room for a windrow to the side, the obvious next choice is to move the snow forward, where the snow pusher is very useful.

Advantages Of A Pusher

When it comes to the pusher, the job is mainly to do what you would assume; to push snow. A pusher, also called, box or containment box, can stack the snow in high piles rather than needing to load it into a truck with a bucket and haul it away; assuming the operator is using a skid-steer, wheel loader or tractor. Each of these machines have either hydraulic lift arms or a boom which would allow the operator to raise and lower the pusher. A containment box also will allow the operator to “scoop up” and spill-over from the blade while it was scraping, leaving your parking lot or street, clean of any snow.

Does Anyone Make A Snow Plow or Pusher In One Machine Instead of Two?

Yes. This is what Kage Innovation created.Snowfire raised

The Kage angle plow and pusher combination is the fastest, most efficient way to move snow.  It can contain large amounts of snow, and move it in a forward direction, as well as plow it out and off to the side, scraping all snow and ice from the pavement! The simplistic design and proven efficiency of the straight blade angle plow, combined with the capability to contain and push snow in one direction gives the operator more reliability, versatility and momentum than ever.

How Is A Kage Better Than Standard Pushers Or Plows?

The regular snow pusher box is less than productive without having another piece of equipment along to do back dragging, scraping, and general cleanup. Not to mention that it will leave trails on both sides once it becomes full of snow. The straight blade angle plow by itself is limited in efficiency when there is no snow storage off to the side. It’s also limited to how much snow it can stack, and how high.

With Kage, the box (pusher) comes completely off of the plow. This means that it is not hindering the operation of the angle plow when it’s not needed. Wing plows that have movable containment wings on the ends are heavy and expensive to repair. One wrong hit on a wing might put the entire unit out of use. The Kage system can pull onto site, back drag and windrow away from the building. Then hook onto the Kage pusher box, and push out these piles and windrows. Then finish by dropping the box and angle plowing the parking lot.

The angle and trip edge functions of the plow are fully functional when the pusher box is attached. This means that you can angle your pusher and limit the spillage off to one side after it fills up. This also helps when cleaning out drive circles, or trimming around small islands with a tight radius. Imagine the profitability gained by replacing a pusher and a pickup truck with one Kage System. Your sites can look better, faster, with less equipment and manpower.