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Snow Blade Attachments vs. Truck Snow Plows

Using snow blade attachments on the front of skid steers make for more efficient snow plowing. Skidsteers are efficient and very effective tools to combat the need for speed while maintaining high quality. Trucks are good at driving forward, as soon as you need to back up, not so much. In comparison, instead of plowing one direction with truck snow plows, over and over again, skid steers allow the operator to spin around and plow back the opposite way – sometimes cutting your plow time in half.

Snow plow attachments were developed through years of proving the angle plow technology on trucks and other equipment. The first skid steer snow plow attachments were semi-crude truck plows modified to fit on the front of skid-steers. Quickly, operators realized combining the agility, maneuverability, and comfort of a modern skidsteer with a robust snow plow attachment was the ultimate snow weapon.

Skid-steer Snow Blade Agility

Skid Steer Snow Plow by Kage InnovationHave you ever been to a skid steer rodeo? Have you ever seen the operators driving over mountains, scooping up pallets, picking up small objects all in an effort to outdo the ‘other guy’ showing off their skill and agility? Yes, those operators are skilled, but without the technology of modern skidsteers none of this sportsmanship would be possible. Imagine a truck trying to do the same rodeo. It would be absurd! Likewise, a snow plowing contest between and truck and a skid steer in a small commercial lot would be no competition for the skid steer.

Ability to Spin Around

Truck snow plowing limits the ability to easily and quickly turn around to push snow in the opposite direction. In a skid steer, you can spin on a dime without having to back up and turn around. What does this mean for a snow plow operator? It means more time with your plow down and fewer accidents. All good snow plow operators strive for the maximum amount of “plow down” time. The more time spent driving around with your plow up, the less efficient you are. Furthermore, tired operators that are forced to back up hundreds of times every plow event will naturally be more liable to back into cars, light poles, and other objects. Read this thread about what other professionals are saying about maneuverability.

Snow Plow Stacking

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The ability to stack snow with a skid steer reduces the space used by the snow. Truck snow plows are unable to lift snow up and stack on top of a snow pile thus leaving more room for parking in commercial lots. Your customers will appreciate the snow piled neatly and out of the way. It’s easy to see sites that have been cleaned by skid steers and other equipment because the snow is put where they want it rather than where it’s convenient for trucks.

Maneuvering in Tight Spaces

Using a skid steer enables the operator to do what he wants. Any truck plow operator will agree that he would like to be able to maneuver around light poles, islands, parked cars, and drive-thru’s more efficiently. Because skid steers are compact, they are able to fit in tight spaces and navigate around structures with ease.

Snow Blade Visibility

Imagine a surgeon that can’t see the tool their using to operate – this is the way that truck plow operators feel when they are attempting to back drag and trim around curbs. The KAGE snow plow attachment is perfectly coupled to the skid steer in such a way that the operator can actually see from the cutting edge all the way up to the top. See what Case is saying about visibility here.

The KAGE Snow Plow Blade Attachment

35 Degree Angle

The 35 degree angle that the plow can achieve is, by far, more efficient than plowing with trucks in many situations!

Angle Plow Skid Steer Snow Plow Blade Oscillation


The KAGE snow blade always stays flat on the plowing surface, from tip to tip whether fully angled or straight. Simple for operators, just drop and go. You don’t have to worry about one side digging in as you angle or drive over bumps.


Cross-Over Relief

The breakaway, or ‘trip’ mechanism is the safety mechanical relief system that prevents operator injury, and damage to equipment and the obstacle. If an immovable obstacle is accidentally struck, the trip mechanism allows the plow to fold down, or back, clearing the obstacle without extreme adverse effect.


To learn more about the SnowFire Snow Blade, Box, and Plow System, click here.

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