How to Unload and Install Your Snowfire Plow System for Skid Steers

In this video, we’re going to demonstrate the quickest, simplest way to unload and install the KAGE Snow Plow System for your skid steer. From time to time we get customers asking about what they need to do to prepare for unloading their new snow plow system … and more importantly, getting it installed on their machine.

Your new snow plow will arrive fully enclosed in a crate, fully assembled much like a new snowmobile would be shipped. When it comes to unloading the crate from the delivery truck, it’ll help if you have a machine with forks if you don’t have a loading dock to work from.

Once you get the crate unloaded, set it in an area where you’ll be able to drive the machine your installing it to right up to it.

Dismantle the Snowfire Plow Crate

You’re going to need a cordless drill with a T-25 Torx drill bit to dismantle the crate.
Once you have the crate taken down, remove the owner’s manual from the moldboard of your snow plow.
Cut the banding that holds the plow to the pallet.
Next, remove the box from the pallet.

Hooking your KAGE Snowfire Snow Plow to Your Skid Steer

Nobody likes being laid up in a hospital bed, so to safely tilt the plow down to where it can easily be attached to your machine, we recommend the use of a forklift or skid steer to do the work.

Now you’re ready to hook the hydraulic lines up to the machine, but before you do remember that there’s a hose block that you need to install on the plow to clamp your hydraulic lines securely. There’s three mounting locations on the quick attach plate. The upper left as you’re looking from the cockpit of the machine is most suitable for Bobcat Skid Steers. The lower left works best for all other skid steer machines. The upper right is typically used for tractors.

Watch the Hydraulic Lines on Your Snow Plow

Loosely tighten the hose block as you adjust the slack of your hydraulic lines. Test the tilt or dump function of your plow to make sure the hose lines don’t get over stressed as you attempt to hook up the box. Once you know the lines are properly run to the machine, tighten down the hose block bolt.

We fitted the hydraulic lines with Stucchi Quick Connect Coupler’s for easy-to-connect-under-pressure performance.

Once the plow and hydraulic lines are connected, grab the warranty card that’s attached to the plow. Keep it as a reminder to register your new plow under our warranty program. We hope this will help prepare you for the arrival of your new KAGE plow system. Once again, thank you for choosing KAGE.