TSnow Pusher and Snow Plowhe Kage System is the ultimate snow removal attachment for skid steers, wheel loaders, and tractors. It combines the best of both worlds. It combines the simplicity and durability of the time-proven angle plow, with the efficiency of the high-volume-moving snow pusher.


Kage Innovation invented and manufactures the two in one tool that has revolutionized the way that many contractors bid, perform, and profit from their snow removal operations. The Kage Snow Pusher system enables many companies to outperform the old method of trucks and V plows or snow pushers by twice the efficiency, or half the time. Now, using the Kage SnowPusher, an operator can angle plow and backdrag normally with the Kage plow, then grab the SnowKage box in seconds, and with it attached to the Kage Plow creating the ultimate pusher, push massive amounts of snow. Combined with trusted durability, and quality American made components, this new plow and pusher system is truly the best commercial snow removal equipment available.


Check out the Kage System today! See your local dealer for more information about the Kage System, or give us a call to discuss your application! We are excited to discuss your unique applications and help determine how the Kage System can benefit your business.