The Advantage of a Well-built Snow Plow Moldboard

For many generations, snow plow moldboards were designed in a similar way – a curved piece of steel with thin ribbing for support at the back of the plow. Enter the 21st century, snow plow crews are now using heavy equipment like skid steers, tractors, wheel loaders and more to take on the larger more demanding snow sites.

The old design of the snow plow as we know it is still being produced, but it’s far from being strong enough for heavy equipment use. In fact, it would fold like a soft-shell taco under the immense pressure of a heavy snow load pushed with heavy equipment. The thin vertical ribs lack horizontal support needed to push large loads of snow.

KAGE entered the snow plow manufacturing industry ten years ago and from day one, the design and strength of our snowplow moldboards were paramount to the overall construction of the KAGE Snow Plow System.

Heavy-duty Built Snow Plow Moldboard Design

Snow Plow EquimentDesigned and built like a bulldozer blade, our moldboards are built with extra tough 10-gauge, grade 50 steel. KAGE’s tri-form moldboard won’t bend or twist under the force of a heavy snow load being pushed with heavy equipment. With an enclosed construction along the back of the blade, the entire blade has the full support necessary for heavy snow loads.

The tri-form moldboard design has a solid bead of seam-sealer between each stitch weld to limit corrosion. Either ends of the plow are also fully enclosed to inhibit corrosion.

Another huge benefit to this moldboard design is to have continuous blade support when the blade oscillates to the grounds’ everchanging surface plane. The oscillation plate mounts directly to the tri-form enclosure of the moldboard with six bolts secured with castle nuts & cotter pins to prevent them from loosening.

Snow Plow Moldboard With An Aggressive Attack Angle

KAGE Snow plows are designed with a very aggressive, 60-degree attack angle. Having a moldboard that is rigid enough to withstand such an aggressive plow angle was important to the overall performance of the plow itself.

The structured design of the KAGE moldboard eliminates any vulnerabilities in the blade when you’re pushing a pile of snow, angle blading or back dragging.

The KAGE moldboard also provides support for the heavy-duty compression spring assembly that manages the blade’s trip edge – a bullet proof curb conquering edge that scrapes the plowing surface clean.

Locate Your Nearest KAGE Dealer

KAGE Innovation takes durability very seriously and their moldboard design is a direct result of their dedication to manufacturing the toughest, most versatile snow plow system on the planet.

Call or visit your local KAGE dealer for more details on the KAGE snow plow system. To find your nearest dealer, go online to or call one of KAGE representatives to assist you.