Snow Plow Pusher for Snow RemovalIf you’re tired of standard snow plow pushers that leave far too much snow on the pavement, it may be time to learn about the patented KAGE® SNOW PLOW SYSTEM. This snow removal system is truly in a class by itself compared to the competition. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary snow plow and pusher that will not only increase your productivity during powerful winter storms, but will also allow you to reduce the amount of time you’ll have to spend out in the elements as well.

SNOWFIRE Snow Plow Pusher

Skidsteer Snow Plow PusherOur KAGE® Snowfire Snow Plow System is specifically designed for skid steers and aims to combine the benefits of a snow plow with the versatility of a box plow to help you push and stack snow with the same system. The SNOWKAGE® box simply connects to your skid steer and offers a 2-in-1 system in seconds. This system gives you the advantages of a snow plow and a pusher box all in one easy to use skid steer attachment. Operators can easily use the plow as they’re used to and quickly connect the SNOWKAGE box to push or stack large piles of snow out of the way.

Not only does the KAGE system allow you to boost your productivity by having a plow and a push box, but you can easily interchange the two tools with ease, without ever leaving the cab of your skid steer. This is a big deal, especially in the dead of winter when the temperatures outside of your cab can be blistering!

SNOWSTORM Snow Plow Pusher

Wheel Loader Snow Plow PusherWith the KAGE® Snowstorm Snow Plow System you’ll have the same versatility of the Snowfire system, except this version is meant to be used by wheel loaders and tractors as opposed to skid steers. You’ll still enjoy the ability to switch between the angle snow plow and the box snow pusher without leaving the comforts of your cab.

Angled Snow Plow Pusher

One of the most versatile features of both the Snowfire and Snowstorm systems is the angle snow plow pusher. This allows you to not have to leave trails on both sides when you’re trying to push large amounts of snow. The angle snow plow allows you to easily control exactly where you’re pushing the snow to ensure you’re as productive as possible when it counts! As we all know, snow removal is all about productivity and if you can find a product like the Snowfire or Snowstorm systems that can drastically boost your productivity it’s a virtual no brainer!

To learn more about the KAGE® snow removal products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone at 844-314-KAGE (5243) or email at We look forward to assisting you with all your snow removal needs.