Kage’s Snow Plow – Snow Pusher is Getting Some Attention!

As many of you know, Kage was at the 2016 GIE-Expo in Louisville, KY. What an amazing show and thank you to everyone who came out and showed support and interest in the Kage products! Kage was also able to capture some amazing testimonials from a few companies who own Kage systems. Kage even sold a few systems AT the 2016 GIE-Expo! These happy plowers are: Brown Landscape , NickKelly Lawn Care and Patrick Johnson Landscaping.

Check out this video!

Kage Snow Plow Benefits Landscape Contractors

In the video above, Dan talks about how the Kage snow plow/snow pusher, has helped him in the snow removal industry. Dan says, last year in NJ, they received about 32″ of snow in a matter of a couple hours. “Between the (Kage) plow and the box, it took the place of two trucks, and a bigger loader, with a bigger bucket”, Dan says.

How is a Skidsteer Better Than a Truck for Snow Removal?

The advantage of skid steers vs. trucks is that skid steers are meant to move material! Trucks are meant primarily to drive, and sometimes pull your boat or trailer. Not go ramming into large piles of snow with the front end of your truck, and because trucks can’t stack, that is usually what happens in order to get the snow piled high! BAD IDEA.

Skid-steers also have increased traction, both with our Kage Klawz or even with tracks, (to read more on the benefits of tracks and winter tires, read this article) Now trucks can have snow tires put on them and increase their traction but the design of the tire is meant for the weight of the truck only, or when driving in the winter and the occasional pulling of your ice house or snowmobile trailer, again, not moving large, wet and heavy piles of snow! Do yourself a favor and stop doing damage to your truck! When we asked Dan, “What is the best part of using a skid-steer versus a plow truck?” Dan from Everest Landscape Contractors says, “the speed of a skid-steer, the zero-turn, you can plow both directions, box scoop lift…there’s no doubt, buy it!” He came to realize that using trucks are not the way to plow snow!

If you care about leaving a good image for your company, providing exceptional service on your customers property, and you also like to make good money, use a skid-steer, a wheel loader or a tractor!

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