Basic snow pushers usually lack the ability to backdrag snow away from garage doors, loading docks etc. The patented Kage System allows you to backdrag just as you would with a straight blade angle plow. Get as close to the obstacle as you feel comfortable with, drop the blade and back up. Have long runs to backdrag? No sweat, you can even angle the blade as you drive in reverse to direct the inevitable spillage to one side. In previous articles we have addressed some important design features of a snow pusher. Previous articles covered: “Snow Pusher That Angles”, a “Snow Pusher That Trips”, a “Snow Pusher That Oscillates”, and a “Snow Pusher That Scrapes”. In this article we will talk about why a snow pusher needs to be able to backdrag.

  • Snow Pusher That Angles
  • Snow Pusher That Trips
  • Snow Pusher That Oscillates
  • Snow Pusher That Scrapes
  • Snow Pusher That Backdrags


Snow Pushers That Backdrag Like An Angle Plow

The Kage System consists of an angle plow, and a stand-alone box that attaches to the angle plow. The operator lifts the angle plow and rotates forward to engage the cam-lock hooks of the plow and SnowKage box. In 5 seconds the operator can attach or detach the SnowKage box from the angle plow. This gives the operator an advantage he never had before. Now he can use just the angle plow by itself to do detail trimming along curbs, parking stalls, and backdrag with ease. Then, without even thinking twice, he can attach the SnowKage box to push away all of the piles and the rest of the parking lot. Think about the disadvantage of the ‘old pusher’ technology. The operator was foreced to manuever in straight, boxy motions while doing detail trimming that cause a lot of back-and-forth empty passes. This is consitent with the clumsy and ‘square’ design of a common snow pusher. Not to mention that unless he has the optional backdrag blade on his snow pusher, he is not able to backdrag close to anything. The flexibility of having an angle plow on site for backdragging and trimming can save enourmous amounts of time, and now, if that angle plow can turn into a massive snow pusher in seconds….. well that’s priceless!