Snow pushers are widely used as the ‘implement of choice’ by the snow removal professional today. There are many varieties of snow pushers on the market today, and Kage Innovation has created the ultimate snow removal tool. The Kage Snow Plow Box System combines the straight blade angle plow, with the snow pusher, into one incredibly efficient tool. Not only can you turn the angle plow into a snow pusher without ever leaving the cab of your machine, but we have designed this ‘snow pusher’ with 5 other important features necessary when doing snow removal. In previous articles we have covered the “snow pusher that angles”, “snow pusher that trips”, and “snow pusher that oscillates”. In this article we will explain why it is so important that a snow pusher can scrape, and how the Kage System does that so well.

  • Snow Pusher That Angles
  • Snow Pusher That Trips
  • Snow Pusher That Oscillates
  • Snow Pusher That Scrapes
  • Snow Pusher That Backdrags

Snow Pusher That Scrapes

In order to do a good job at plowing a parking lot, road, or driveway you need to take as much snow from the surface of the pavement as possible. If necessary, you must make multiple passes over the surface in order to get it clean, especially if your equipment is not scraping very well, or the snow is packed down by other vehicle traffic. Multiple passes means that you are being less efficient, spending more time, fuel, and giving your customer the impression that you are not getting the lot cleared quickly enough. All of this can be solved by using a snow pusher that scrapes cleanly on the first pass.

Kage System Scrapes Clean Every Time

The Kage System scrapes cleanly, allowing you to finish your work more quickly, using less fuel, and leaving your customer in awe at how quickly you were in and out, leaving a perfectly groomed lot. The Kage System scrapes so well because it relies on a steel trip edge, rather than a rubber edge like many common snow pushers. Also, the cutting edge is not ‘held up’ by the box sides, or ‘shoes’ like many other common snow pushers. This allows you to put down pressure directly to the cutting edge, scraping cleanly the first pass.

Kage Innovation manufactures the Kage Snow Plow Box System, the two in one tool that scrapes and so much more. It is available in 6’, 8’, 9’, and 10’ sizes for skid steers, compact wheel loaders, and utility tractors. For wheel loaders, tractor loader backhoes, and agriculture tractors, we make 10’, 12’, and 14’ sizes. Check out more features for the SnowFire (skid steer) and SnowStorm (loader) systems on our website.