If you are in the commercial snow removal industry you know that these plows are associated with big bucks and when you’re out a snowplow it’s costing you and usually more than we think! This is just one of the main reasons we at Kage have created a durable steel and polyurethane blade and box plow that surpass the rest. With a highly advanced and protected hydraulic system, compressed spring-back trip edge, solid Kage box design and multiple mount attachment capabilities you’ll be experiencing a night of snow removal like never before. The moldboard is the strongest in the industry because of the box plow design, very similar to a bulldozer which we know is meant for pushing and plowing!

There are many obstacles when removing snow – from vacant cars, to moving vehicles, around and underneath semi-trucks, curbs, mailboxes and street lights. Our snow removal equipment is designed so you can easily move around the many obstacles while staying in control of the machine and the snow. Quickly and easily move on to the next job in no time flat with the help of the Kage System. This system is far more maneuverable than any other box plow or pusher on the market!

With our revolutionary design there is no need for two or more crew members to stay at one site. This saves time and money! This is because the operator can easily go from plowing to pushing snow without leaving their seat. This eliminated the need to dump and curl or load the snow up into trucks as well.

No matter what type of property you’re removing snow from the Kage Innovation products make the job easier, faster and lessens hassles that are common in the snow removal business today. Our equipment is designed for optimal performance in harsh winter season and massive snowfall amounts, just what you’ve been looking for!

Kage Equipment Includes:

  • SnowFire Removal System
  • SnowStorm Removal System
  • Polyurethane Snow Stakes
  • Kage Klawz
  • Tractor Plow Undercarriage
  • Poly Blade Snow Blower Paddles

If you are sick of your current snow removal equipment and need something more durable, effective and efficient and tough enough to get any job done, contact Kage Innovation today or visit our website to see what snow removal equipment is right for you and your crew.