What could be better than 50% more of everything? Like increasing your gas mileage by 50% or 50% more hair on your head! With the Kage Shadow Blade, it might take you 1/2 time it normally would. Now this isn’t because we have made the front plow larger in size, no we have designed and created the ability to mount an additional plow on the back of your tractor!

This system is like no other. With full reversing, pivot, oscillation, and maneuverability, this will cover all the ins and outs of the roads you plow. The Shadow Blade is sure to get the job done, and fast. With a simple flip of your thumb, you can deploy the Shadow Blade on either side, increasing your plowing width by up to 50%! There is even an option to add a wing extension at the end of the blade, which helps in containing the snow being plowed, rather than simply windowing it. Then, when the operator desires to angle the snow to the other side, another flip of the thumb and the operator is able to change the direction. Now say, you are plowing along but you no longer need the extra width; simply put that Shadow Blade in its stowed and folded transport position where it is completely out of the way! Amazingly, this versatile piece of equipment mounts right on the 3-point hitch on your tractor making it very easy to hook up and unhook when needed!

The Key features of the Shadow Blade are:
• 20% – 50% Productivity Increase
• Double Edged Versatility
• Easy to Operate
• Increase Swath Width by 40% – 50%
• Attaches to 3-Point Hitch
• Optional Laser Guidance System
• Tractor Is Less Likely To Crabwalk
The plow comes with cutting edges on each side, essentially one on top and one on bottom. This is so that you can plow to the left or right, and switch between by rotating the plow from one side to the other. This operation takes place with one simple thumb joystick mounted in reach of the operator.
When plowing without the Shadow Blade, often times you will find that your tractor wants to slide or crabwalk to the side opposite the direction that you are plowing due to the heavy windrow. However when you deploy the Shadow Blade this does not happen because the rear plow catches the run-off snow from the front and evens out the sideways force of the front plow.
Do you find your parking lots and aisles being encroached upon by snow drifting and spilling over your curblines? With the Shadow blade at your finger tips, you hardly have to think about it. ‘Bench’ plowing is a breeze with the Shadow Blade, since the plow sticks off to the side you can plow back those pesky mounds simply by driving along the curblines, not driving up into the grass to push them back.
The Shadow Blade is an excellent way to enhance your ability to plow large accounts quickly and efficiently.

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