The Kage SnowFire System is the ultimate snow removal attachment for skid steers, wheel loaders, and tractors. It combines the best of both worlds. It combines the simplicity and durability of the time-proven angle plow, with the efficiency of the high-volume-moving snow pusher. Kage Innovation invented and manufactures the two in one tool that has revolutionized the way that many contractors bid, perform, and profit from their snow removal operations. The Kage Snow Pusher system enables many companies to outperform the old method of trucks and V-plows or snow pushers by twice the efficiency, or half the time. Now, using the Kage Snow Pusher, an operator can angle plow and back drag normally, then grab the SnoKage in seconds.

When you are entering into a snow removal market, you naturally look around and see what your competition is like, and what they are doing. If your competitors are using trucks with plows, rather than skid steers with plows, you know that you already have the advantage of a secret weapon. The unique two-in-one system combined with trusted durability, and quality American made components, this new plow and pusher system is truly the best commercial snow removal equipment available.

Snow removal contracting is a very demanding undertaking. Because of the nature of snow removal, it is always very time-sensitive. Kage Innovations’ snow plow box system is designed with time at its very core. If you are able to do the same job quicker with less headaches, and more time left to grow your business, why wouldn’t you? The Kage Advantage is simple. You can do more work with less. Less time, less equipment, less manpower, and less hassle. By combining your versatile and trustworthy equipment such as skid steers, with a durable angle plow and pusher box system from Kage Innovation, nobody else can contend with you. Your competitors will either need to ante up, or get out of your way.

The SnowFire system is a revolutionary attachment that combines angle plowing using a straight blade, and pushing using a box frame that easily attaches to the straight blade plow to instantly create a snow pusher,  without having to leave the cab. This plow uses the universal quick attach on all modern skid steers, and for wheel loaders we make all the common couplers so attachment is simple. The beauty is, when you are faster and more efficient at the job, it is good for everyone. The client that you are serving, your reputation, and your overall job satisfaction. Don’t let the old way of hourly snow removal stand in your way of doing the right thing for your customer.

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