Upgrade to a Skid Steer to sell a premium service

Snow Plows have been on trucks since the steam powered vehicle days.  Much like any other industry, things have evolved and innovation has taken place.  In the 1990’s Skid Steers started to take off and become a great multi use tool that has changed the grounds maintenance and landscaping industries.  With the ability to turn in place, move, stack, and provide true downforce, the skid steer quickly became the right tool for the job.  Out of this innovation, KAGE was born to help you make snow removal easy and provide a premium service for your clients!

Why is a skid steer with an angling plow and box safer for your customers?

Skid Steer maneuverability is key to safety!  When pairing this maneuverability with a KAGE angling plow and box, we can now do the following services better, and provide a premium service.

  • Stack snow where you want it, not where you have to put it.
  • Keep visibility high at intersections by moving snow farther, faster.
  • Quickly back drag snow away from doors.
  • Narrow skids can fit between gates, clear sidewalks, and go places where trucks simply cannot.
  • Quickly clear curbs with your angle blade.
  • Windrow fast with up to 36 degrees of angling.
  • Attach your pusher in 3-5 seconds and push your windrows where you want them.

This not only creates the safest, fastest way to move snow, but can also reduce your equipment and operator needs down to 1 machine and operator per commercial site in many cases!  This all around helps you sell a premium service, reduce operator hours, and equipment costs… directly translating into greater profits!

What other Skid Steer Plow advancements will help sell a premium service?

This depends on the type of account you plow for.  One of the biggest things that will help you not only do a better job, but also keep your premium customers coming back is the type of cutting edge you use.  Here at KAGE, every product we build is overbuilt by design and made to make your job easy!

  • Poly Cutting Edges
    • Quieter than steel. This is great for HOA’s and residential where you are plowing when your customers are sleeping.
    • Easier on the substrate. This allows you to plow on cobblestone, pavers, and dirt without damaging the substrate.
  • KAGE AdvantEdge™
    • Strong Steel Components. We don’t use rubber pucks with bushings that break and fall out multiple times per season. The AdvantEdge™ contours to the ground utilizing metal springs that allow for 1-3/8” cutting edge travel.
    • Standard Highway Punch. By utilizing the standard DOT Highway punch mounting pattern, you can utilize this on any KAGE system, or on many other plows you may already have in your fleet.

We gave up using Truck Plows a long time ago, why haven’t you? Call 1-844-314-KAGE (5243) for a demo today!