Kage is all about creating fast tools for contractors. The fastest way to mow grass is a walk-behind mower equipped with a Kage Wheel Kaddy.

Why is a walk-behind faster than a ZTR or Stander?

• A walk-behind completes a 180 degree turn faster without rutting.
• A walk-behind, with its front mount deck, mows closer to trees without damage. This greatly reduces string trimming.
• A walk-behind has superior traction on slopes, especially on wet grass.
• A walk-behind deck can be momentarily raised up while hopping curbs or to avoid blowing clippings where they aren’t wanted.
• A walk-behind with a sulky is easier to hop on and off for trash pick-up and other detailing.
• A walk-behind with a sulky causes less operator fatigue than bouncing on a seat all day.

One reason contractors abandoned the walk-behind was the inferior quality of available sulkies.

Why is the Kage Wheel Kaddy superior?

• The Kage Wheel Kaddy uses tapered wheel bearings like those found on highway trailers. The low end bearings on other sulkies don’t even last one season.
• The Kage Wheel Kaddy three-piece wheel assembly can be easily disassembled for quick tire changes.
• The Kage Wheel Kaddy platform is slip resistant. The ridge keeps the operator’s feet apart and creates a comfortable place to shift one’s weight.
• The Kage Wheel Kaddy has adjustable platform pitch so no matter what mower brand is used the platform can be leveled.
• The Kage Wheel Kaddy main arm adjusts horizontally up to six inches. This positions the mower controls exactly where the operator likes them for optimum safety and comfort.
• The Kage Wheel Kaddy is easily removed from the mower with a quick release coupler, no tools or greasy pins.
• The Kage Wheel Kaddy Model 360 has adjustable suspension for ultimate operator comfort. A comfortable operator is a productive operator.
• The Kage Wheel Kaddy Model 360 boasts full circle pivoting. Now it’s easy to back out of the trailer or away from obstacles.
Kage offers a choice of Wheel Kaddy models to fit your budget.
• The Wheel Kaddy 360 with suspension and full-circle pivoting
• The Wheel Kaddy 250 with all of the durability and adjustability of the 360 but without suspension or full circle pivoting.

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Kage Sulky 250 Series