What Machine should you use?

When you have the choice to make – tractors or wheel loaders – which one should I use in my application? You have to consider all kinds of unique features that each one has to offer, and match those features with the requirements of the job site. You may also have to consider what other type of work requirements you may have, such as summer-time earth-moving work. In this article, we will discuss the features that set the agricultural tractor apart from the wheel loader, and how it can give you an advantage in many areas of your snow removal operation. Kage Innovation designs and manufactures snow plow pusher systems that can attach directly to the front of many common agricultural tractors creating one efficient and cost-effective tool.

Snow Plowing With Tractors:

Zuid2Agriculture Tractors offer many unique advantages to consider.
• Direct-Mount Front Hitch

• Snow Blowing Piles
• High Transport Speeds
• Great Traction
• Availability / Price

Plow Hitch For Tractors: First we should consider the direct-mount front hitch. Tractors normally do not come with a front 3 point hitch at all, so in order to mount a plow to the front you either mount it to the loader arms, or you need to fabricate a plow mount which can be costly and time-consuming. While mounting the plow directly to the loader arms is usually an option, the loader arms are just not designed for the abuse that snow plowing will produce. Not to mention that they make the overall tractor much longer, and the plow sticks way out in front making it much harder to turn and maneuver your load. Kage Innovation offers front 3-point hitch kits for many different makes and models of tractors so that it is easy to mate a plow directly to the front of your tractor. This way the plow is sturdily mounted close to the front of the tractor enabling you to maneuver an
d plow aggressively without having to worry about damage to the tractor.

Blowing Piles Rather Than Trucking Piles Of Snow: If you are already using tractors for doing your snow plowing, you should definitely consider utilizing the high horsepower available with that to blow temporary storage piles of snow back off of the lot. If that is an option, it is definitely less expensive than using a loader and dump truck to haul the snow offsite. Not only that but you can often strategically place your piles during the snow removal event in locations that make it easy and less intrusive to your customer. This is a great way to utilize your equipment more efficiently, and save your customer money in doing so.

Tractors Are Fast: Most modern day tractors have fast transport speeds. They also have great cabs with heat, radio, and great visibility for plowing snow. Tractors are truly workhorses for many different tasks, and snow removal is no exception.

Tractors Are Made To Pull And Push: Tractors have many design features that allow them to pull and push heavy loads. Their transmissions are built with that in mind. The tires are large, and couple that with the locking differential they are almost unstoppable.

Agricultural Tractors Are Available And Affordable: Snow removal is always a gamble. Is it going to snow enough to pay for this equipment? Well you can rest much more easily knowing that you are renting / purchasing smart. Common farm tractors are usually available for rent, and can often times be rented for the same or slightly more than a skid steer. Wow, now that is really something…. a 90 HP tractor that can plow, push, and blow snow for around $1,300 / mo.!! Sweet, now you’re talkin’!


Other benefits to having a Kage plow on a tractor:IMG_8847 (ID 394749)

  • The Kage System mounted to an Ag tractor creates the ultimate snow-fighter package.
  • Speed, versatility, and time tested workhorse technology all combined into one cost effective package.
  • Modern Tractors equipped with comfortable cabs are easy to maneuver, even in the tightest spots.
  • Push incredible amounts of snow due to superior traction and power.
  • The Kage Undercarriage take abuse that the conventional loader arms could not.
  • The overall length of the tractor is about 2 feet shorter compared to mounting the plow system on the loader arms.
  • The Hydraulic System allows down pressure, as well as float modes so that you can plow efficiently.