Skidsteer plow operator tip: Triple Passes Start in Center

Bobcat Skid Steer Pusher Box Plow

We commonly get asked… what is the best way to back drag townhomes? The truth comes down to 2 key components. Equipment and Operating Procedure.  When back dragging the common townhome driveway the Skid Steer, paired with a 2 in 1 Plow and Pusher system is the fastest way to plow.  Once you have the right equipment, operator training is key.  On a straight driveway where 3 passes is common, it is imperative to remember to clear the center first, then move to the edges.  This will minimize dribble and ensure you only need to make 3 passes, especially when utilizing the KAGE Back Drag Kit! Kage Back Drag Kit

Why does a Skid Steer increase plowing and back drag productivity?

Skid steers are more maneuverable than other plowing equipment.  On any drive, you can quickly turn on-the-spot to get the best snow placement.

  • If on a straight drive where you are only back dragging, you can get to the door, drop your plow and clear the snow.
  • When on a curved driveway, this is where the skid steer really shines. Back drag away from the door, turn around on the spot and push plow and stack where you want to! Not where the limitations of your equipment let you.
  • Skid Steers offer more down pressure. Where many plows fail is they drop on gravity and ride with little to no down pressure beyond the weight of the plow.  With a skid steer, your hydraulics and added weight give the plow better ground contact.  This gives your customers the clean substrate they want.

Why use the Center pass method?

While this method works best with a 10’ plow blade, it can be done with an 8’ in many circumstances. When clearing the standard townhome driveway each added pass can add hours to your operator’s night.  This creates longer hours, more chance for operator fatigue, and can lead to more property damage.  Snow dribble is the snow fighter’s worst nightmare here.  The center pass method does the following:

  • Center pass first will pull the snow back leaving the most dribble off to each side.Back Drag Center 3 Pass
  • Go left, match your markers and back drag. We always suggest utilizing the KAGE Back Drag Kit  to keep dribble in, but on longer drives, you may need to slightly angle the blade to hold in even more dribble from reaching the center. This is where a 10’ plow can make all the difference.  The whole point here is to reduce dribble where you don’t want it.
  • Next go right and repeat what you did on the second pass to complete the drive.
  • Our customers that utilize KAGE Plow & Pusher systems claim to have increased efficiency of 30%-50%… and the ability to clear in 3 passes can definitely help your operation get closer to 50%.