Choose the right Size Plow for Skid Steer

Whether you have a Skid Steer, Compact Loader, Tractor or Front End Loader, the right size plow is key for efficiency and safety.  When plowing Townhomes, Residential, Shopping Centers, Industrial complexes, City Streets, or even Airports, time savings and reduced liability are the name of the game when plowing!

What size Plow and Box is right?

That’s a great question.  Many guys like to “Go Big” but this is not always the right answer for efficiency.  We always suggest taking measurements of your contracted facilities to determine which spaces are going to be limiting factors.  Then consider the speed at which you want to plow.  Some limiting factors we see that many contractors do not think about when choosing a plow are:

  • Measuring the smallest access points
  • Mapping out ideal number of passes
  • Is curb to curb cleaning a key requirement?
  • Do you need to clear individual parking spaces?
  • Trailering and DOT width limitations

By considering these limiting factors, you may realize some of the following examples:

  • The 10ft plow attached to your skid steer may not quite fit between islands at a bank causing you to need to angle and slow down to make it through, but the 9ft clears the spaces leaving just inches from being curb to curb. By using the 9ft, you can clear all key spaces for the client and increase speed.
  • At a Townhome, you will be able to do less passes with a 9ft or 10ft plow, but the 9ft may allow you to be able to safely back drag if there is a car parked on half of the driveway.
  • Plowing the local Airport requires long passes, windrows, and allows the ability to “Go Big” to clear runways, taxiways, and hangar roads faster. For this, many contractors will go with a 14ft on a Front End Loader.
  • When plowing large industrial areas, or shopping centers, going big may slow you down. Here you need to consider whether you are doing open ups, or only post storm clearing.  When doing open ups, an 8ft will allow you to clear between cars, oversized sidewalks, and clear easily around medians.  If you are not doing open ups, then speed and push amounts are key and it may make sense to go with a 10-14ft pusher combo on a Skid Steer, Tractor, or Front End Loader.

How does choosing the right size plow help increase safety?

When plowing long hours…

  • Operators want to go fast.
  • Civilians are unpredictable.

And… Operator fatigue increases every hour you are in the machine.  Choosing the right plow can help by increasing safety and efficiency in the following situations:

  • Less passes at a townhome decreases the risk of hitting garage doors and backing into cars.
  • Narrower plows in shopping centers decreases the risk of hitting light poles or medians when operating fast.
  • The right size plow at a bank will allow the operator to not slow down for drive thru clearing.

What other factors should be considered when choosing a plow?

  • The KAGE Innovation plow utilizes a Trip Edge that is safer for the operator and won’t cause you to lose your snow with jarring impact when hitting a curb at full speed.
  • Back Drag kits help to hold in dribble.
  • Poly Cutting Edges will reduce damage to many fragile substrates while maintaining good cleaning.
  • The KAGE AdvantEdge™ helps to clear uneven ground by utilizing springs and all metal components to adjust the cutting edge to uneven ground. This adjustable edge truly lives up to our “Overbuilt by Design” philosophy.