KAGE KLAWZ are snow tires for skid steers that raise the bar for efficiency for that repetitive job every harsh winter. Check out Kage Innovation’s new YouTube series, “Quick Hits with Mike Stephan,” to learn more about our successful products. This week highlighted the snow removal product, KAGE KLAWZ.


The full steel radial snow tire gives you the KAGE® advantage by allowing the machine to transfer more power to the ground with better traction, longer wear life, and higher weight capacity. The wheel is solidly welded which means it isn’t stamped and spot welded like other tires typically are. Our wheels also have a reinforcement around the valve stem so it won’t get damaged.


The KAGE KLAWZ are equipped with a recapped semi-trailer tire. The recap has a lifetime warranty, so when you wear out the tire you can go to your local tire dealer and have your tires recapped.


The KAGE KLAWZ come in four different sizes and two different bolt patterns to accommodate your newer style Bobcats. However, if you have a special application that requires maximum traction, we have the capability to custom build a rim for any machine.

We’ve performed side-by-side tests between conventional skid steer snow tires and the KAGE KLAWZ and there is no comparison! The results were tested upon the three most important things for a contractor; speed, traction, and control. Unleash the power and get the traction your skid steer needs with KAGE KLAWZ!

To check out our KAGE KLAWZ Quick Hits video, click here for our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhANAUTOJ6A

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