The KAGE® SnowFire Snow Plow Box System for compact wheel loaders has a revolutionary design that is built to withstand the rigors of commercial snow plowing. This patented 2-in-1 system allows the operator to switch between angle plowing, back dragging, and pushing the snow. Simple and seamlessly transition from angle plowing to snow pushing…all within seconds and from the cab!

The LBK Series Snow Plow System differs from the SBK Snow Plow System because there is a floating top link just forward of the quick attach plate on the LBK. This floating top link, on a compact wheel loader, is critical to keep the plow blade tight to the surface that’s being plowed.

Snowplow System Quick Attach Coupler

We offer a quick attach replacement you to exchange them if you swap your loader! The video above demonstrates the standard skid steer SSL attachment. The unique design of the LBK plow hitch allows a variety of different quick attach couplers, covering a variety of different loader brands and styles.

The attachment should be set so that the mounting plate is set high enough to ride over curbs, then adjust your plow to that height. The moldboard should be at a 90-degree angle to the plowing surface. After the angle is set, the snowplow can float independently from the compact loader arms. The snowplow will float up and down without effecting the machine’s steering and traction when the machine is moving.

There is also a pivot point at the attachment plate on the LBK attachment. The snowplow has a total on six inches of float with the pivot combined with the floating top link. To maintain steering control and traction for wheel loaders, this float is crucial. It is very quick and simple to remove the attachment. There is a pin on the lower right and left sides as well as a bolt at the top center of the attachment to remove it.

Compact Wheel Loader Specific

We enhanced the design of the box by extending the “center group” or horizontal tubular construction of the SnowFire to accommodate the 12-foot snow plow. Rather than just extend the center group, we went the extra mile by extending the C-channel that sleeves over the tubing. This way it’s a lot stronger than just extending the tubes which could cause an event where the tubes would flex and possibly break at this junction. This is especially important if you’re hitting a lot of stuff like curbs or other obstacles. The biggest advantage of the LBK is the ability to have some float built into the hitch.

The 12-foot SnowFire comes with same features as the Snowstorm – features like the dual trip edge with eight compression springs to back it up. No other snow plow on the market is built to compliment the advantages of the compact wheel loader like the SnowFire LBK Plow System!.

Which Snow Plow is Best for my Compact Wheel Loader?

Two specifications to know when considering a snow plow system, like the KAGE LBK SnowFire, is the machine weight and horsepower. These two things will help determine what the maximum size should be for the snow plow. It’s recommended to refer to one of our customer representatives at KAGE prior to purchasing a plow system so that we can recommend the snow plow system that is a right fit. Don’t go bigger or heavier for the simple thought of moving more snow because the result could be counterproductive.

The KAGE advantage with this snow removal product is the 2-in-1 system allowing contractors and operators to back drag the plow normally. Then, they can grab the SNOWKAGE box to continue pushing out the snow piles, all without leaving the cab. Another advantage is that it reduces plowing times by 25-50%.

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