oscillationOscillation is commonly known as the ability of the plow or pusher to ‘float’ side to side as it follows contours in the pavement. As you are doing your normal plowing, you are inevitably going to encounter un-even surfaces, and this is where the oscillation becomes necessary. In a previous blog, we mentioned how important it is that your containment box cleans the surface. Oscillation – the ability to follow contours – is a significant feature allowing your snow pusher to clean to the best of its ability.

This article is the next in the series covering what we believe to be the most significant features to look for in a snow pusher / containment box plow. Today we are covering the oscillation feature of the Kage Innovation snow plow box system.

  • Snow Pusher That Angles
  • Snow Pusher That Trips
  • Snow Pusher That Scrapes
  • Snow Pusher That Backdrags

Experience Drive Innovation – that’s what we call our drive to design and build the best. Oscillation is just one of the many features that sets our snow plow box system a.k.a. snow pusher apart from the rest.

Our 6 bolt oscillation plate is located virtually straight above the cutting edge – not back by the attachment plate – which reduces the amount of stress that it needs to withstand.

With plenty of travel, our oscillation plate allows the plow moldboard to travel 12°, or up to 14”, so that you can even run sidewalks adjacent to parking lots with one set of wheels off the curb!

Down pressure? Bring it on! This oscillation plate has been tested by some of the heaviest equipment. In fact, while testing the skid steer model, we hooked it rigidly to a 18,000 lb wheel loader and put it through the ringer – without failure!

Since the oscillation plate is movable with the plow moldboard as it is angled, the oscillation is still funtioning properly while the plow is fully angled. This prevents gouging of pavement due to improper oscillation like that of many other brands. This also keeps the angle cylinders on the same ‘plane’, reducing possiblilty of side deflection and unecessary blowouts.

It’s in the details. Check out our SnowFire (skidsteer / compact wheel loader / compact tractor) and our SnowStorm (articulated wheel loader, tractor loader backhoe, and ag tractor) models. Both of these oscillate in this manner, and have many more features that we believe you will appreciate.

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Oscillation Plate