snowstorm-landing-pic-1500x650_1When you start bidding large commercial snow removal contracts, you realize that smaller equipment such as skid steers or trucks will simply not do the job. Time is everything in snow removal, and you need to move massive piles of snow quickly. This takes weight and horsepower. So your question is what makes the most sense for me to use? How do I get more weight and horsepower at a price that makes me competitive? Often times the question comes down to two different types of heavy duty equipment: Articulated Wheel Loaders or Agricultural Tractors. In our next two articles, we will explain the different benefits that each type of equipment has, and some of the possible drawbacks for each.

Snow Removal with Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders can be massive pile moving weapons. Typically wheel loaders are used as your ‘brute force’ to push snow from one end of the lot to the other, picking up piles and windrows that trucks or other equipment have trimmed out from around obstacles. Going back and forth, almost like a big ox, they are considered the mindless workhorses. Kage Innovation has changed that mentality that your wheel loader is just a ‘big and dumb’ pusher. Now you can use the Kage System on the front of your wheel loader to trim, backdrag, and then push. This eliminates the need for other pieces of equipment to be there ‘helping’ out. The reason that we bring this up is that before the Kage System was invented, wheel loaders would need extra help in tight areas, or to do trimming. This makes them ultimately more expensive, and less efficient. Now that you have a massive pile mover and have the ability to handle the detail work thank to the Kage System, you need to consider other aspects. Where do I get such a sweet setup, and how much does it cost to operate? If you already own the articulated wheel loaders, you are already aware of the cost of operation. You probably own them primarily for moving dirt in the summer months. Why not use them for snow removal, and up-fit them with Kage Systems? If you don’t already own wheel loaders, you may consider renting them from your local equipment dealer. There are oftentimes 6 month reduced-rate snow rental programs that are based upon the number of hours that the equipment is used at the end. This enables you to have a fairly fixed-rate expense on the machine, and allows you to feel comfortable in your bidding process. Will you have a place to park and plug in your machines? This almost a necessity because you will not want to have to haul your wheel loader on site every event, nor will you want to have to deal with a cold machine that won’t start. Usually in the case of a commercial property that is large enough to warrant a wheel loader or two, you can negotiate with the customer a dedicated parking spot on site that has access to an electrical plug in.

Drawbacks for the wheel loader are not many. They have well developed cabs, features that make them easy to drive, they have high travel speed, and are fairly available for purchase or rent. One drawback is, however, the high cost that comes with purchase or rental. Oftentimes, these rent for $2,400 / $3,500 per month.

Our next article will cover the unique snow removal abilities of an agricultural tractor.

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