For those of us that are snow fighters to-the-bone, we often ask ourselves, “How can I make a living doing snow removal all year”? Well, for some of us that is just a dream, and for others that take the plunge it can become a reality. Of course, planning, strategy, and a little bit of gumption comes into play and a move like this is not for the weak-hearted or undetermined! We’re going to identify a few of the road blocks and hopefully give our readers some food for thought when considering snow removal full time, or even just seasonally.

Heavy – Duty Snow Removal Equipment

You need to obtain equipment. Preferably heavy duty equipment that won’t cause problems. If you decide to purchase or lease your equipment, the next question is how can you use it to make some income when you’re not using it for snow? Well, if you’re 100% snow, you might just decide to use the off-season to maintain your equipment. However, there may be some other opportunities you want to consider.


Options exist where you can rent your machines from farmers in their off months. But with the current agricultural market being tight with farmers wanting to cut overhead purchasing machines, why not rent your machines to farmers? Owning your own equipment is great from an equity standpoint in your business but renting your machines to farmers is one that you shouldn’t overlook as they are constantly looking for other machines to use throughout your off season when they are full force. Farmers will even be willing to pay a premium on hours they put on your machine(s). Farmers are always looking for a variety of different sized tractors for ditch mowing, hay work, tillage, or just general use.

Weekend Warriors

There are also the weekend warriors who want to plant their garden or manicure their hunting deer plots. They tend to be willing to be able to pay a premium to not own a machine of their own for their limited needs. You could take your mid-sized tractor you move snow with in the winter and pair it with a rotary cutter for people looking to clear either paths or acreage. These are also the same clientele who would utilize a skid steer for a couple hours for moving dirt or rock.

Governmental Contracts

There are always government agencies looking for ditch and field mowing. Mid-size agricultural tractors can pull the right ditch mowers. These are usually bid on and guaranteed like snow contracts are in the winter.

Key Areas to Consider that Use the Same Equipment in the Non-snow Season

Here are some key areas where this machinery is used in the non-snow months whether they move snow or not. Whether you already work in these fields or not, this is the most common overlooked occupations who also move snow with equipment in their off seasons to boost income: landscapers, concrete workers, asphalt crews, farmers, and excavation contractors.


Another avenue to consider after reading all of this, don’t forget the other options you may have. This may mean renting your machines. Depending on your personal preference on equity placement, you can utilize these options for the winter months.

It doesn’t matter what angle you look at it, the possibilities are endless by pairing your equipment with a KAGE snow removal system in the winter months. With the rising costs surrounding industries, snow removal that can be done fast, efficiently, and safer will always be in demand. With KAGE’s proven way, with our systems hooked to your skid steer, tractor or wheel loader, you won’t just be faster putting more money in your pocket, you’ll be more efficient and safer. If you hope to boost your income, keep your employees employed in the off months, and keep your business in the forefront of the public eye, don’t overlook snow removal. KAGE is here to help you every step of the way with all questions you may have in the snow removal world. Reach out to any of our trained staff to learn more about snow removal or about our patented KAGE snow removal systems.